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Megtekintések száma: 1000 | Méretek: 580x464px/40.6Kb
Dátum: 2010-07-26 | Hozzáadta: irina17
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My husband is mitarily and he irons his own uniforms so I'm very lucky. (I am TERRIBLE at ironing anything that is not flat like a napkin, so it's just an exercise in frustration for me.) As for the rest of the laundry, I use the put them back in the dryer on hot for a few minutes and take them back out method, and that works great! I also avoid buying certain items that I know will look terrible after washing if they are not ironed to death.I have noticed some green dry cleaning places that are supposed to use a safe method, but I don't know if that's true or just marketing hype. My mother-in-law still uses toxic products like Tide and Downy and then irons EVERYTHING after she spays it down with spray starch (which I'm sure is also really healthy to breathe in-oh well LOL:)

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